Lo Anak Punk yang Lagi Galau? Ini Dia 5 Lagu Tersedih dari blink-182!

  • Selasa, 13 Februari 2018 19:45 WIB

Masa Terbaik Blink 182 | FuseTV

3. What Went Wrong

"I can't forgive, can't forget, can't give in what went wrong, 'cause you said this was right, you fucked up my life..."

4. Stockholm Syndroke

"I'm so lost. I'm barely here. I wish I could explain myself. But words escape me. It's too late to save me, you're too late, you're too late..."

5. I'm Lost Without You

"Are you afraid of being alone, 'cause I am, I'm lost without you, are you afraid of leaving tonight, 'cause I am, I'm lost without you..."

Reporter : Fadli Adzani
Editor : Fadli Adzani



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