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Ide Caption Instagram Aesthetic Berbahasa Inggris Buat Lo Para Sad Boy

Nada Aprillia - Minggu, 19 Februari 2023 | 16:05
Caption aesthetic Instagram untuk para sad boy

Caption aesthetic Instagram untuk para sad boy

HAI-ONLINE.COM – Ada kalanya pas mau posting foto atau video di Instagram, lo para sad boy kebingungan untuk bikin caption yang terlihat aesthetic.

Karena emang bikin sebuah caption itu nggak melulu gampang sob!

Apalagi saat lo mau menuliskan sesuatu yang memiliki aura kesedihan. Nggak semua orang bisa dengan gampang merangkai kata-kata untuk itu.

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Ditambah, lo pengen bikin caption aesthetic dengan menggunakan bahasa Inggris, sedangkan lo nggak terlalu bisa bikin sebuah kalimat dengan bahasa tersebut.

Nah, di sini HAI mau bantu lo, dengan ngasih ide caption Instagram aesthetic yang menunjukkan kesedihan dengan bahasa Inggris.

  • A multitude of people, yet loneliness creeps.
  • And just like that, I’m forgotten.
  • All they notice are my mistakes.
  • Alone and ignored.
  • Am I sad? Not really, but I feel quite empty.
  • Because when I sleep, the feelings of sadness, anger, and loneliness cease to exist.
  • Everyone goes through phases and all, don’t they?
  • Feeling too much! Everything just goes straight to my heart.
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  • Getting flashbacks to suck when they’re memories that you’ve always wanted to forget.
  • I need a break from my own thoughts.
  • I’m not okay, but it’s okay.
  • I’m that one friend who’s forgotten.
  • Just because I can carry my troubles well doesn’t mean I don’t feel the crushing weight.
  • Memories hurt.
  • Nobody knows about the emotional breakdowns I experience when I’m alone. Everyone only knows about the smiles and laughs I show them.
  • Not broken. Just a muddle of everyone and everything I once knew.
  • Pain is hard to avoid. Actually, just the act of trying to avoid it is already a pain.
  • People come, people go. In the end, it’s just you.
  • Slowly but surely, people stop reaching out. Then all of a sudden, you’re all alone.
  • Sobbing alone in some room, and then walking out like nothing ever happened.
  • Such is the cruelty of life! It often tries to get in the way of our dreams.
  • The only broken instrument that works is the heart.
  • Things change, and friends leave. Indeed, life stops for no one.
  • What’s the point of it all?
  • Whenever happiness visits me, bad things happen right after. I’ve been afraid of happiness since then.

Editor : Hai

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